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Roof inspection checklist - fall commercial roof

Fall is upon us so the time has come to perform one of the most critical tasks there is to protect your building and everything in it – a fall roof inspection. Seasonal roof inspections will quickly allow you to identify potential problems before they become larger, more costly problems.

A fall roof inspection will help to identify any summer storm damage, prevent major system failures and ward off leaks—in addition to protecting your total envelope package. Keep in mind that although they look tough and study, a roof system is actually the weakest link in your building’s protection system.


To properly conduct a roof maintenance inspection you need to make sure that all roof components are evaluated.

The good news is that roof inspections can typically be completed in a few hours for most standard commercial roofs, whether you decide to do it yourself or are more comfortable hiring a roofing professional. A good checklist and a plan of attack are the keys to making sure you don’t miss anything.

Indoor Environment has prepared a checklist to help you complete a comprehensive roof evaluation. To download a free copy CLICK HERE. (Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.)

roof inspection checklist


Many roof issues are hard to spot from the outside so always remember to start your inspection inside the building.

Make sure to closely view the ceilings and walls of your building and note any visible signs of water leaks, structural damage, cracks, rot, and other damages, as they may reveal problems with your roof.


Obviously the first rule when you are on the roof is SAFETY FIRST. We normally Roof inspectionrecommend that two people conduct the inspection to provide extra safety as well as providing an additional set of eyes. Regardless, always keep safety as your top priority when accessing and inspecting the roof.

The inspection itself should be done systematically. Roof components should be viewed in a pattern starting at the perimeter of the roof.

Walk the roof just as if you were planting a field – row by row. Each row you inspect should be approximately four feet in width. This pattern will ensure that all of the visible roof components are inspected.


Insurance data indicates that almost 80 percent of all roof leaks occur at flashings and roof penetrations. For that reason it is imperative that these areas are carefully inspected for defects. The majority of maintenance repairs will be completed at these components.

Premature roof system failures, on the other hand, are usually cause by defects in the roof membrane itself. So obviously you need to pay close attention to this component as well.

Items to look for during the inspection include:

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety has prepared a great article on specific items to look for during a roof inspection. Click on the following link to view their page that includes pictures of problem areas to check during your inspection:

Protection from the Top: The Importance of Commercial Roof Cover Maintenance and Repair



Remember that Indoor Environment Group is here to help with all your roof inspection, design and management issues. Contact us today at 651-705-8820and we’ll be happy to help you find the right professionals for your needs.

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