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Lead Services


Lead in Construction Programs

Lead compliance programs provide an outline for establishing and maintaining compliance with the OSHA Lead Standards while still allowing you to maintain a productive workplace. Each program is written specifically for the target company and is designed to meet all requirements of the proposed OSHA standard.

Lead Inspection & Testing Services

Our personnel specialize in the identification of lead-based paint in residential and commercial structures. We utilize use the most current investigative techniques and equipment to give you a comprehensive reporting of lead paint within your facility.

Clearance Testing and Dust Sampling

Indoor Environment Group can develop and implement clearance testing and dust sampling programs to help you confirm and document the completion of lead related work activities.

Our clearance investigations are designed to ensure that project activities have been successfully completed and that lead dust and debris have been effectively removed from the work area.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services

Our litigation support services have proven invaluable for clients who not only need to build a case or defense but also need to convey their points to judges and juries in a language that they can understand. Indoor Environment Group can help you and your attorney prepare for even the most complex environmental litigation.

Employee Training and Fit Testing